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Storytelling Tips

Whether we are filming a branding video, interview for a feature documentary or shooting environmental photography, one thing is always on our minds here at Green Sky. What’s the story? Because no matter the scope of the project, the story or message behind it is what we are communicating through images, words and sound on behalf of our clients. I read a story on the BBC News Entertainment & Arts website recently featuring an article on famous James Bond Cinematographer, Roger Deakins, who offered some tips on cinematography that I found to be very simple and profound, but sometimes easy to forget in today’s fast-paced world of filmmaking and photography. My favorite tip from this article is to “Keep up with new technology but remember the storytelling.” Click here to read the full story.


With that said, in today’s past-paced world of technology it’s very difficult and sometimes exhausting to keep up with the latest tech offerings in the world of video + photo. 4K, 6K, 20K? I’ve found that it’s best to stay focussed on the story you are trying to tell then get caught up in fancy gadgets. Yeah, it’s nice to have a budget to rent or purchase fun things like a drone kit or Movi handheld stablizer to help enhance your storytelling, but if you keep yourself true to your story using basic true- and time-tested film and camera principles and techniques then you should always be happy with your end result.

Here are a few other storytelling sites and blogs we like to check out…” target=”_blank”>Stillmotion’a Blog” target=”_blank”>Andrew Stanton’s Clues to a Great Story TED Talk

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