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Happy Holidays from Green Sky!!

Although we were very busy up until the Holiday Season with some on location shoots and multiple edits, we were determined to keep up our tradition here at Green Sky of producing our annual Holiday Short Film to thank our clients and brands for their support and business, in addition to also showcasing the work we had done throughout the year.

Short on time meant we needed to come up with an idea of something we could plan, write, film and edit quickly at our studio. This lead to using one of my all time favorite holiday classics, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, as inspiration for this year’s short film. All it took was a little planning, raiding my kid’s playroom, and a few hours in the studio playing with dolls to come up with the following…

We hope you enjoyed our little stop animation holiday greeting this year and be sure to look out next year for what we come up with!

Happy Holidays and have a safe and blessed New Year!


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