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Cadillac’s Road to Table

In the fall of 2014, Cadillac hosted a great event in a number of cities around the country that featured the culinary expertise of some very talented Chefs and their restaurants. Luckily for Green Sky Creative, we were sent to document these events with both photography and a video. Each event was similar from city to city, guests arrive at a location to sign in for the program while they sipped on fancy cocktails and snacked on hors d’oeuvres. The guests were then able to drive a new Cadillac CTS to the featured restaurant where they got an introduction by the head chef and a representative of Saveur Magazine. Finally, after a meal that consisted of several beautiful and delicious courses, guests were able to drive a new Escalade back to a rendezvous location, receive gifts, drink, and check out more Cadillacs on display.
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The events were great and kept us pretty busy alongside other projects we were working on then. We traveled to Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas and Laguna Beach. We were able to cover the Philadelphia and Chicago locations with video and a two man crew while the other locations we only had to send one photographer to cover the entire event. Once you get in the groove of traveling alone and covering a similar event in different locations you quickly figure out the best methods for how to cover each part of the night. We found it was easier to hitch rides with guests and product specialists in fancy new Cadillacs to and from locations instead of driving ourselves, why not travel in style when you can? Also, quickly making friends with some of the restaurant staff can work to your advantage. They’ll show you where to store your gear, and the chef was always happy to pose for photos and grant you access to the kitchen. Every now and then a waiter would keep a water off to the side for you and continue to refill it, which was helpful especially when you found yourself dressed in all black in Atlanta while it was 93 degrees out.

We were honored to have Cadillac feature a couple of our images in their new Cadillac Magazine. Other highlights we have selected are available in our portfolio. Also, don’t forget to check out our Road to Table recap video featuring the Chicago and Philadelphia locations. We are looking forward to getting back on the road with Cadillac in 2015 for more culinary events and good times, and if you were wondering, YES we definitely sampled the food!

Stay tuned for our post about the architecture tours that Cadillac took us on as well.





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