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Cadillac’s Driven By Design



Have you ever wanted to roll up to your swanky house in your brand new Escalade? Well, we did, and we did it in multiple cities too. OK, so maybe it wasn’t our house or our new Escalade, but it was still fun. Similar to the Road to Table event that we blogged about earlier, Cadillac was also featuring their Driven by Design event at the same time, along with co-sponsor Architecture Digest 360. Green Sky was lucky enough to cover both events across the country during the fall of 2014. We traveled to New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas and Chicago covering the event with a video recap and photography. In each city the event started early with the first wave of guests arriving and having breakfast while getting a presentation from an award winning architect. After the presentation, all of the guests head out on an architecture tour where they were able to drive new Escalades to each location around the city and tour each building, whether it was a public facility such as a theater or museum, or a private residence.



Along the way we had the privilege of meeting and interviewing an extraordinary cast of people such as David Childs, architect of One World Trade Center, and Stephen Fanuka from the TV show Million Dollar Contractor, as well as many more architects like Joe Valerio, Allan Shulman, and Bob Borson.The interviews we gathered had to be done quickly and usually right after their presentation, but taking our time earlier in the day to scout out a good location where we’d have a nice background, nice light and quiet atmosphere was key and made the whole process smoother. We highly recommend you check out each architect’s work. Everything they’ve done is really impressive and interesting.


Gathering as much video content and photography as we did was a challenge, but we were able to do it with only two people on the job. We found ourselves climbing into an Escalade and following a tour group to one location, but also heading to locations without the group to grab as much material as we could without anyone in the space. Lucky for us, we were able to make friends with the docent at each location along the tour and they clued us in on interesting features we should document, allowing us to save time or run head to get the right shot of the group entering the environment.

We had a great time with this project and fully enjoyed exploring each city and the architectural wonders they held. From John Lautner’s Sheats-Goldstein residence (featured in “The Big Lebowski””) in Los Angeles, to David Childs One World Trade Center in New York, we can’t wait to see where we’ll be for the next run of this awesome event. Thanks to everyone involved in the project and thanks to knstrct for featuring some of our photography. Enjoy the photos and take a minute to check out our video recap!





Cadillac Driven by Design




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