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Adobe Premiere: Our First Impressions

If there is one quote that best describes Green Sky’s latest editing move from Final Cut Studio to Premiere Pro it’s this one from Arnold Bennett: “Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”

Ever since Green Sky was founded in 2005, we have always utilized Apple’s professional level editing suite, Final Cut Pro, in order to edit and finalize our videos for our clients. But in 2011, Apple released a new version of Final Cut, Final Cut X, and ended all updates to their previous version. Even though Final Cut Pro is not outdated yet, Apple seems committed to their new line of software and with no updates for FCP 7 coming in the foreseeable future, we decided to make the switch to Adobe Premiere.

Even though we’re located in the most hipster filled town in the Midwest, when it comes to making this switch we are not trendsetters. Hundreds of editors, upset and unhappy with Apple for changing their beloved program, have moved on. For us, Premiere seemed like the most logical option. Set up similarly to FCP 7, Premiere did not require much of a learning curve. Even the hot keys can be changed so that those more familiar with the FCP 7 keyboard don’t have to relearn everything.

The change has not gone without it’s fair share of disappointments and frustrations. At times, the Premiere timeline can get a bit laggy, which really slows down editing when you’re moving clips back and forth. Also, for some reason it has had a tendency to crash on us; some of us quite frequently. And while Premiere makes sure to save our progress before it crashes completely (something that I am thankful for), it would be much nicer if it didn’t crash at all.

Another drawback to Premiere has nothing to do with the software at all, but instead the third party plugins that we had stockpiled, all of which were for FCP 7.

I don’t mean to sound like a negative Nancy, naming everything I find frustrating with Premiere, because a lot of things are great. The ease of use with After Effects is a huge timesaver, the clip viewer is a definite step up and the fact that there is no need to transcode footage is nothing short of amazing. I am most looking forward to using Premiere with RED footage, something that I think it will handle better than FCP 7 would. But the change hasn’t been a breeze… yet. Freddy Douglas said it right, “if there is no struggle, there is no progress”.

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