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A Day (or Two) with Green Sky

The first director I ever worked for told our crew about a sign Francis Ford Coppola had on his office door that said, “Time, Money and Success. In filmmaking you can only choose two.” I’m not sure how truthful the story is, but the message was clear: If you want to produce a good video, you have to plan.

Take Green Sky’s recent Cadillac videos featuring the talents of golf’s most famous instructor, David Leadbetter. Each of those videos are shot in a matter of a couple hours, but the planning begins way before that. By the time we get to the site, we already have the script written, our equipment charged and ready to go, and our time scheduled, so all we have to figure out is how to get some great shots.

Here is what a typical two-day shoot is like for us at Green Sky:

Day 1 – Travel Day

After our flight gets into whatever city in which we’re shooting, our first priority (after getting some delicious grub) is to get to the site. There’s a lot that goes into setting up where we are going to shoot our videos, from where the sun is going to be, to finding a quiet location and a nice looking backdrop.

The sooner we can get the ball rolling on the next day’s shoot, the better. You never know what sort of unforeseen issues may arise once you’ve gotten to the course.

After we have our next days plan sorted out, it’s time to get some much needed shut eye.

Day 2 – Shooting Day

7 AM – Head over to the course, set up equipment and start getting some establishing shots of the golf course.

8:30 AM – By now all of the participants have begun to arrive and the first round of clinics are about to start, so we hustle over to the tee box and get set up for our first shots.

9 AM – The event begins. This is a really awesome part of the job for us because we get to film top tier golf professionals explaining how they approach a hole from the drive to the putt.

9:30 AM – We hit the course with all the other participants, grabbing shots of them as they try out the new Calloway clubs and get a mini lesson from PGA professionals.

12:30 PM – After grabbing a quick bite to eat, it’s back on the course for a few more shots of the participants before we have to set up for our Cadillac Innovation Golf Series Webisode.

1:30 PM – Even though we have our location and our shots already thought out, we want to give ourselves plenty of time in order to set up. We’d much rather have too much time for set up than not enough.

3:00 PM – After making a few small script changes, the webisode filming begins, with one man manning the cameras, another the teleprompter and another monitoring the sound.

4:30 PM – With the webisode shoot wrapped up, all that’s left is the clean up, which is the simplest part of the day (unless of course you forget to grab your wireless lav mic from the talent).

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