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2015 Detroit Fireworks

It seems like just yesterday that we pulled our shiny new drone out of the box like a kid on Christmas and began flying it without a camera above a small park near our studio. Now, just a few months later (and a solid 20-30 hours of flight time later) we were ready to take this bad boy to a new level. Literally. So, in the spirit of ‘Merica, we thought it would be cool to try and capture some 4th of July fireworks from the rooftop of our “soon-to-be” new building in downtown Detroit. We were pretty pleased with the footage and even more excited to take in the spectacular 360 degree views from our new studio space in the city! We’re looking forward to moving into our new space and capturing more interesting and cool footage from the skies above Detroit and beyond. Check out a few clips from last night’s fireworks below.

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