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What's Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

Green Sky is a digital production company and photography studio in downtown Detroit. We work with start-ups as well as some of the largest agencies and well-established brands in the world to produce original films, commercials, still photography and creative content across virtually every visual medium. Our goal is to help purposeful businesses and organizations share stories that attract, influence, and sell. Our full-time team of creatives includes producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, motion designers, and photographers. And, while many of our productions are handled entirely in house from concept to completion, we also regularly collaborate with outside agencies, producers, and other content creators to help facilitate existing productions. Our full-service to modular range of capabilities allows us to work on projects of any size and budget, consistently delivering creative and influential results that both we, and most importantly our clients are proud of. Contact us at info@greenskycreative.com to see if we can help tell your story.

Adam Green

Adam has been working professionally in the creative industry for over 15 years working as a writer, designer, cinematographer, editor, creative director, producer and director. A jack-of-all-trades storyteller and self-taught filmmaker, Adam has enjoyed building strong personal and business relationships while growing Green Sky from his 1-bedroom apartment ten years ago into a sought after studio partnering with some of the biggest agencies and brands in the world. When he’s not working on a Green Sky project or putting out fires, he loves music, traveling, adventure, and spending time with his beautiful wife Andrea, daughters Sophia and Alexandra, and son Roman.

He told me his last name was Green. “Green?” I asked. “Can you spell that for me? I’m colorblind.

Alex Hoxie

After completing his degree in Cinematography at Columbia College, Alex returned to Detroit to explore portraiture and make good art with good friends. Before joining the Green Sky team, Alex honed his skills as a freelancer shooting advertisements, shiny products, gritty short films, and the occasional Most-Amazing-Music-Video-You’ll-Probably-Never-See. Alex lives in Ferndale with his girlfriend and spends hours carefully cultivating facial hair to match his big shaggy dog Oskar. He still shoots with his Grandfather’s cameras, and is always in search of the next great project.

New Day, New Beard.

Melissa Hittle

Melissa is a person who gets things done. She has a knack for making things look easy with an upbeat personality and an in-depth knowledge of the marketing world. Born to multitask, whether in her role as mother of three or associate producer, Melissa exercises an uncanny ability to quickly adapt to change and figure things out. Energized by working with others, Melissa is the ultimate people person and is committed to preserving the integrity and vision of the project. When it comes to the fast-paced, every-changing production environment, there are strategic thinkers and roll-up-your-sleeve doers. And, then there’s Melissa – she does both on time, on budget and with a smile.  When she’s not at work, you’ll most likely find Melissa playing tennis, reading, running, or entertaining family and friends.

Melissa gets sh#t done.

TJ Carswell

TJ is a man built for the outdoors. The first thing to inspire him to capture beautiful images for photo and video was the forests of Michigan. He thoroughly enjoys coffee, hiking on local nature trails and snapping the best photos he can get of the scenery. When he isn’t on one of his “expeditions” you could most likely find him taking on the biggest burrito he can find. Local urban legends refer to him as, “Voldugu Eldfjall Stormur”, which roughly translates from Icelandic to, “The Mighty Volcano Storm.” TJ is looking forward to expanding his production experience while assisting in the production and editing of some great content.

Local urban legends refer to him as, “Voldugu Eldfjall Stormur,” which roughly translates from Icelandic to “The Mighty Volcano Storm.”

Jake Wrubel

Jake started out skateboarding through the “rugged” streets where he found inspiration in the culture surrounding it. This led to him finding a passion for all things creative – especially filmmaking. Jake followed this passion to The College for Creative Studies in Detroit where he recently obtained his BFA in Entertainment Arts with a concentration on video. When he isn’t skating or making films, he enjoys living the “Woodward lifestyle” being a part of everything cars, whether it is just driving, watching or working on his own car.

In general, Jake likes to "shred."

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What’s Your Story?

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